Mid-day Bible Study

Midday Bible Study

9/13/2017 Proverbs 10

We read Proverbs 10:1-11     We study Proverbs 10:1-8

Proverbs 10:1-11Contemporary English Version (CEV)

Solomon’s Wise Sayings

10 Here are some proverbs
    of Solomon:
Children with good sense
    make their parents happy,
    but foolish children
    make them sad.
What you gain by doing evil
    won’t help you at all,
    but being good[a]
    can save you from death.

If you obey the Lord,
    you won’t go hungry;
if you are wicked,
    God won’t let you have
    what you want.
Laziness leads to poverty;
    hard work makes you rich.
At harvest season
it’s smart to work hard,
    but stupid to sleep.

Everyone praises good people,
    but evil hides behind
    the words of the wicked.
Good people are remembered
    long after they are gone,
    but the wicked
    are soon forgotten.

If you have good sense,
    you will listen and obey;
    if all you do is talk,
    you will destroy yourself.
You will be safe,
    if you always do right,
    but you will get caught,
    if you are dishonest.
10 Deceit causes trouble,
    and foolish talk
    will bring you to ruin.[b]
11 The words of good people
    are a source of life,
    but evil hides behind
    the words of the wicked

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