Mid-day Bible Study

Mid-Day Bible Study 9/27

9/27/2017 Proverbs 10

We read: Proverbs 10:13-24     We study Proverbs: 10:13-23

Proverbs 10:13-24Contemporary English Version (CEV)

13 If you have good sense,
    it will show when you speak.
    But if you are stupid,
you will be beaten
    with a stick.
14 If you have good sense,
    you will learn all you can,
    but foolish talk
    will soon destroy you.

15 Great wealth can be a fortress,
    but poverty
    is no protection at all.
16 If you live right,
    the reward is a good life;
    if you are evil,
    all you have is sin.

17 Accept correction,
    and you will find life;
    reject correction,
    and you will miss the road.
18 You can hide your hatred
    by telling lies,
    but you are a fool
    to spread lies.
19 You will say the wrong thing
    if you talk too much—
    so be sensible and watch
    what you say.
20 The words of a good person
    are like pure silver,
    but the thoughts
of an evil person
    are almost worthless.
21 Many are helped
    by useful instruction,
    but fools are killed
    by their own stupidity.

22 When the Lord blesses you
with riches,
    you have nothing to regret.[a]
23 Fools enjoy doing wrong,
    but anyone with good sense
    enjoys acting wisely.
24 What evil people dread most
    will happen to them,
    but good people will get
    what they want most.


Something to think about: “Go to work for Jesus, not your employer.”

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