Black History Facts


Black History Fact #1

In 1777, one year after the signing of the Declaration Of Independence, Vermont became the 1st state to abolish slavery.

Black History Fact #2

Jan Ernst Matzeliger, who taught himself physics out of books, received a patent in 1883 for the “shoe last” machine.

Black History Fact #3

Chicago furniture store owner Sarah Goode received a patent in 1885 for the cabinet bed which looked like a writing desk when folded up.

Black History Fact #4

On July 28, 1917 in New York City, 10,000 African Americans marched in silence to protest lynching, race riots, and segregation.

Black History Fact #5

In 1892, Sarah Boone patented a suelte, carved, improved ironing board, designed to make it easier to press fitted clothes.

Black History Fact #6

Susie King Taylor, a former slave who served with the African American Union Army troops, published her memoirs in 1902, the only written record of African American nurses in the Civil War.

Black History Fact #7

In London in 1948, track, field, and basketball star Alice Coachman because the 1st African American woman to win Olympic medals, earning one bronze and one gold.

Black History Fact #8

In 1992, Captain William Pinkney became the 1st African American to sail solo around the world.

Black History Fact #9

Members of the African Methodist Episcopal Church met in Philadelphia in 1816 and refused to return to white control, thereby forming a separate denomination.

Black History Fact #10

Inventor Norbert Rillieux, the Paris educated son of an ex-slave and a plantation owner/French engineer, patented a sugar evaporation process in 1846, revolutionizing the sugar refining industry.

Black History Fact #11

After discrimination ended his law career, Robert Sengstacke Abbott used 25 cents to establish the Chicago Defender May 6, 1905.

Black History Fact #12

Self-taught inventor Frederick M. Jones patented more than 40 refrigeration devices, helped launch the frozen food industry, and received his first patent in 1939 for a movie ticket-dispensing machine.

Black History Fact #13

In 1977, Andrew Young became the 1st African American to be appointed U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations.